Our philosophy for early childhood education is to help develop the whole child--the social, emotional, academic and physical intelligence of each child, through the creativity of arts education.

SOCIALLY, we aim to teach each child to:
  • build confidence through self-expression, 
  • develop respect for others, 
  • make several choices on their own, 
  • resolve conflicts, and 
  • appreciate differences among us. 

EMOTIONALLY, we strive to:
  • acknowledge the feelings of each child, 
  • help each child to help accept the feelings of others, 
  • improve listening skills, and 
  • accept the boundaries that come up in the classroom and at play.
ACADEMICALLY, we work on:
  • the ABC's-recognition of letters through puzzles, books and songs, 
  • writing their own name, 
  • numbers 1-20 through games and puzzles, 
  • shapes and sizes, 
  • beginning math through games, building materials and other manipulatives.
PHYSICALLY, we seek to develop:
  • coordination with small and gross motor skills, 
  • teamwork, and 
  • physical skills appropriate to their age group

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    Music, Art and Play    
    Art Makers    

Mozart for Munchkins

  • Blessed Sacrament, Upper West Side, Manhattan 
  • Ethical Culture Fieldson School, Upper West Side, Manhattan 
  • The Hewitt School, Upper East Side, Manhattan 
  • PS 3, West Village, Manhattan 
  • PS 41, West Village, Manhattan 
  • Saints John and Paul School, Larchmont, NY

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